Art Galleries


Gallery 164 is owned and operated by Jeff Harris and Jerry Jackson. They have over 60 years of art, lighting, and design experience. After many years of discussing owning a gallery, they are excited to share their expertise and love of collecting through Gallery 164.

Jerry Jackson, Owner and Curator

Jerry has more than 27 years of arts non-profit and gallery management experience. Jerry is excited to call Waynesville home after working at key arts organizations across North Carolina. Jerry is an avid collector and holds a BFA and MFA in ceramics and painting from East Carolina University.  As a maker, Jerry is currently working in mixed-media painting. 

Jeff Harris, Owner and Consultant

Jeff uses his 40 years in lighting, architecture, and interior design to manage the consulting and design services available at Gallery 164. As the owner of the lighting company Southern Lights, Inc., Jeff has a broad knowledge of art placement for creative impact.

Gallery 164 partners with our artists to create a bridge of understanding the effects of art on various groups of people in our community. Through our artists and their work, we hope to evoke a community working to achieve a cultural identity and attract people to its uniqueness.

Art represents a wide range of emotions, chronicles history, and embodies societal values. Involving our artists, we look forward to partnerships with citizens, visitors, businesses, and organizations to assist in growing the local economy, tourism, public health, and social cohesion.

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